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Alaux Cédric

Alaux Cédric

10 mars 2015

Chargé de recherche (Researcher)

Biologie et protection de l'abeille (Bee biology and protection )


UR 406 Abeilles et Environnement
Site Agroparc, Domaine Saint-Paul
84914 AVIGNON Cedex 9, France

Current position

Research Scientist (Chargé de recherche 1st class, CR1) at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Avignon

Field of Research

Research themes : Ecophysiology, Remote sensing and bee health monitoring, Animal behaviour, Nutritional physiology, Host-Parasite interactions, Bee genomics

Areas of application : Bee conservation

Education and academic positions

2017              Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches
                    Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse

2015-present  Research Scientist (Chargé de recherche1st class CR1), INRA (Avignon, France)
                    Bees and Environment unit

2011-2015      Junior Research Scientist (Chargé de recherche 2nd class, CR2), INRA (Avignon, France)
                    Bees and Environment unit

2008-2011       Post-doctorat researcher, INRA (Avignon, France)
                    Bees and Environment unit

2005-2008     Post-doctorat researcher, Institute for Genomic Biology & Department of Entomology,
                   University of Illinois (USA)

2005              PhD in Animal Behaviour, Paris Nord University (Paris, France)
                    Comparative and Experimental Ethology Lab


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My main goals are to :

i)              better understand how bee populations respond to rapidly changing environments (growing anthropogenic pressures, including land-use intensification (lack of food resources and pesticides) and the spread of alien parasites)
ii)             develop solution and tools for a more accurate and reliable monitoring of bee populations

 I use diverse methods from ecophysiological approaches with field sampling to experimental manipulations of bees in semi-field or laboratory conditions. Investigations are performed at the molecular, physiological and behavioral levels. I notably have a special interest in new technologies developed for monitoring honeybee colonies (remote sensing) and that can be used to assess colony health and environmental risks (e.g. optic bee counter providing real-time data on colony development and activity ( optic counter).


Research ID B-4667-2013

Google scholar page

Book chapters

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